Beers We'd Love to Drink But Can't

Beers We’d Love to Drink But Can’t

Finally! After several tear-fuelled phone calls and an ill-advised trip to Watford with a boombox in hand. I have managed to secure the podcasting services of Mr Todd Davies. In this week’s podcast we discuss beers we’d love to drink but can’t.

The sound quality is not amazing. This is thanks to the social distancing requirements of holding a podcast (Todd was on the phone). But it was definitely worth it. Having two people on a podcast definitely improves it (in my opinion).

Going forward, I will still be publishing my solo-podcasts. And I will try and grab hold of Todd for the occasional collaboration. We’ve decided that our podcasts together will be solely beer-related. While my individual podcasts will be mostly fitness-related.

Beers We’d Love to Drink But Can’t

The idea for this podcast came to me while I was reading an article on North Korean beer (as you do). The article was pretty interesting, and was not beer specific, though they mentioned having one. Of course, I immediately went to Wikipedia to search for North Korean beer and found this article entry.

The thought that there was a beer out there that it was unlikely/impossible for me to try was sort of sad but also fascinating. I immediately started thinking of other beers that would be impossible to try and floated the idea to Todd.

Tynt Meadow

One beer that I immediately thought of was Tynt Meadow, the English Trappist Ale that came out in 2018. For a long time after it came out, it was impossible to buy as demand far outstripped supply.

But of course, it is now very easy to find. I actually walked down to my local pub who was selling it as part of their takeaway service. The beer is one of the highest-rated beers around, and I can definitely see why!

A gorgeous taste, great consistency, and it poured really nicely into my Duvel glass (I don’t have a Tynt Meadow glass … yet). It was very different to Belgian Trappist Ales that I’ve tried, and it is also different from Abbey beers such as Affligem.

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Matt Smith is the owner of Beer N Biceps. He has a degree in Sports Science, 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry, and has written for hundreds of fitness websites. He is a lover of good quality beer and believes that drinking in moderation can form part of a healthy lifestyle.

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