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time to train

What’s The Best Time To Train?

Us humans are in the main creatures of habit, we have a set routine of things that we like to  do and try to keep to it as often as possible. Training in the gym is one of those routines, I know very few people who train at varying times during the week. Mostly they are people […]

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posh food

Posh food could be making you fat

There definitely seems to be a lot of people that believe that because a food is exotic it is healthy. BIG MISTAKE! In my experience posh food can be every bit as unhealthy as your average Iceland item. By the way in the last year or so Iceland have really stepped up their game in the health department. […]

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thin ice

Craving Results: Skating on Thin Ice

Hello. Hope your weeks been okay. I’ve had the kind of week that started off with the best of intentions, but ended up crashing and burning a little bit. I went to the gym twice this week – 1 cross trainer session by myself and 1 super set session with Matt. I had a hella busy […]

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Craving Results: Cardio Benefits

Well, another week, another blog. I’ve been back on it a bit more this week. I went to the gym twice this week – 2 sessions with Matt doing our usual programme and yesterday, I went for a run. Normally, I hate running! Like really don’t enjoy it. But it was a sunny day and […]

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worst movie

The Worst Movie Of All Time

This Sunday I witnessed the worst movie of all time, I was at a friend’s house and after dinner we decided to watch something on the tv – and we happened to stumble on “Will and Kate: The Movie”. It was horrific, now I’m sure Will and Kate have had an interesting life but not movie-interesting. What has this got to […]

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star wars, fat loss

What Star Wars Can Teach You About Losing Fat

Yes I said it Star Wars and fat-loss have a connection. Maybe I should elaborate! I remember first watching Star Wars at the age of 5 or 6. My dad had borrowed a VHS from Blockbuster (that whole sentence will make no sense to a current 13 year old). And even at an age where my attention span for movies was […]

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successful dieting

Craving Results: Successful Dieting

Hello! My my, what a week I’ve had. A real up and downer (with some successful dieting to talk about in a bit). To jump straight in. I’ve royally sucked at my gym sessions and only managed 2 with Matt (the usual super sets). I’ve had a pretty busy week work wise and have just not […]

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high protein diet

Craving Results: The High Protein Diet

Hey Hey Kids! This week, I will mostly be talking about the benefits of a high protein diet … Ever since I started training with Matt, my diet and more specifically my macro ratio has become more and more important. I have gone from simply logging my calories, to managing them to ensure my diet is a […]

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body coach

Why The Body Coach Is Full Of Sh!T (But Still Gets Results)

This is an old article, that is suddenly getting an increase in traffic due to the excellent work that Joe Wicks has recently done during the pandemic. I’ve since written a more updated post, which is a lot better (and more topical). You can read it here. By now you’ve probably heard of the Body […]

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Harrow Personal trainer, rock bottom

The Day My Training Hit Rock Bottom

I remember the day my training hit rock bottom like it was yesterday, in fact it was 3 years ago. Now, there was nothing particularly horrific about it, I didn’t break any bones, or drop a barbell on a toddler. It was just the lowest moment I’ve had in a gym. At the time, I was training 4 or 5 […]

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