Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Beer?

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Beer?

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Beer? That is the type of question that Beer n Biceps was created to answer! In fact, I’ve already written an article about it, check it out here. But not everyone has time to waste reading words on a page, so I decided to do a podcast on the subject too.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Beer?

Looking at the question in the most simplistic way, yes of course you can lose weight while drinking beer. If you stopped eating for 20 days and only drank one can of Guinness for sustenance, do you really believe you wouldn’t lose weight? You absolutely would.

But that wouldn’t be a healthy way to do it, nor would it be enjoyable. But it is important to point out the fact that you can do so. Weight loss is all about calories in vs calories out over a period of time.

If you consistently consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose body fat, as your body will dip into your stored fat to make up the energy difference. Sort of like dipping into your saving after a month of your outgoings being higher than your income.

You can fit beer into your diet, and still maintain a calorie deficit. You just have to be realistic about how much beer you can have per week, while staying within the deficit. 10 pints? Unlikely. 5 pints? Perfectly possible.


What is there to say about Guinness that I haven’t already covered in my Guinness fact file or article on beer in Ireland? Not much. I was very impressed with the canned version, tasted as nice as any pint I’ve had in a pub, and a decent price too. Poured beautifully, and allowed for a decent head.

Instagram is full of craft stouts, imperial stouts, and crazy porters, but a can of Guinness beats all of them in my opinion!

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