How many calories are there in Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Genuine Draft: Everything You Wanted to Know

Miller Genuine Draft is the first beer I really remember drinking (watching WWF Raw on Friday nights with my dad if you must know). So I’ll always have fond memories of this beer. But how many calories are there in Miller Genuine Draft? How strong is it? Is Miller Genuine Draft gluten-free? Or vegan? What beer is similar to Miller Genuine Draft? Let’s find out.

There are 140 calories in a 330ml bottle of Miller Genuine Draft. It has an abv of 4.7%. As Miller Genuine Draft contains malted barley, it cannot be considered gluten-free. It is vegan-friendly.

In this article, I will take a look at all of the questions mentioned above and do my best to answer them properly. I will also talk about beers that are similar to Miller Genuine Draft.

How Many Calories Are There in Miller Genuine Draft?

Luckily, the Molson-Coors website (who own Miller Genuine Draft) has the calories for all of their American beverages. So I know that Miller Genuine Draft contains 42 calories per 100ml. I have used this to find the calories for their two bottle sizes.

  • There are 116 calories in a 275ml bottle of Miller Genuine Draft
  • There are 140 calories in a 330ml bottle of Miller Genuine Draft

How Much Alcohol is There in Miller Genuine Draft?

Miller Genuine Draft contains 4.7% alcohol, which is fairly standard for a lager.

Is Miller Genuine Draft Gluten-Free?

Due to Miller Genuine Draft containing malted barley, it can’t claim to be gluten-free.

Is Miller Genuine Draft Vegan?

Yes! Due to not using isinglass finings to clarify the beer, Miller Genuine Draft is completely free of animal products.

Can You Still Buy Miller Genuine Draft in the UK?

Yes, just about! You can still find it online. I’ve seen it on, a couple of drink takeaway website, and also Amazon (though the prices they are asking for it are outrageous). Sadly, it is rarely sold in supermarkets, and hasn’t been seen in most pubs for about 10 years.

What Beer is Similar to Miller Genuine Draft?

What I really liked about Miller Genuine Draft when I was younger, was how drinkable it was. This is the smoothest, most refreshing lager you’re going to have. It’s not big on flavour, and would not do well at any temperature other than ice cold. But overall this is a cool, crisp lager. Possibly the best macrobeer from the USA.

The closest beer that I can think to it would actually be a Japanese beer. Kirin Ichiban gave me that same feeling. The “I could drink 10 bottles of this at a BBQ and really enjoy myself” sort of feeling.

Maybe my enjoyment of this beer is wrapped up in nostalgia. Maybe it won’t stack up to the memories when I next have it (you better believe I’m buying myself some after writing this). But I don’t get the same memories with other lagers that I drank around then (Fosters, Carling, Budweiser etc).

The beers that I would say are similar to Miller Genuine Draft would be:

  • Kirin Ichiban beer
  • Michelob Original
  • Veltins Pilsner – Check out my article on German beer to learn more
  • Fruh Kolsch (I know that Kolsch is not a pilsner, or even a lager. But that crisp and smooth taste is similar/even better)

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