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Phone use in the gym

When I started out as a trainer, my pet peeve was people answering their phone in the gym. And in some ways it still is. Nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to get off your equipment when they’re busy talking on the phone*. But, I have since changed my mind. There are a lot of trainers and gym-goers out there […]

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weights, dumbbells, secret, fat loss

Secret Tip For Fat Loss

I thought that headline might get your attention! The secret is consistency. Which I know is boring and it isn’t a short-cut, In fact it’s the opposite …. But I promised you a secret of fat loss, and it definitely feels like one. When you look at all those fitness models, athletes, and competitive bodybuilders, they will tell you that […]

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Marathon Man Ashley

Recently I was trying to work out who my longest running client is. And I realised that my client Ashley “Marathon Man” Rubinstein had been training with me for over 3 years. Which is awesome because I’ve only been working in my current gym for 3 and a half years. So he was pretty much there from the […]

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protein, steak, meat, creatine, Harrow personal trainer

Meat isn’t killing you

Another week another ‘study’ being used by shitty journalists to demonise meat. Apparently if you regularly eat steak you will die 3.5 years sooner than your vegetarian friend [1] this from a clinical review of six studies in a journal article named “Is Meat Killing Us?”. First off, a little rule of thumb for you, the more sensationalist […]

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online coaching, harrow personal trainer, training, weight-loss, fat

Fat, Single, And Looking For The Answer

So that was me in 2009. Just out of Uni, 13kg heavier than when I started, (all of it fat) and I hadn’t had a relationship in 3 years. Something needed to change, I needed to change. Luckily I had just been hired as a fitness instructor so had access to a gym. And I had a degree in sports science. Which should […]

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football, fan, soccer

Football: Can Fans Teach You About Fitness?

Not a lot I bet. Not when it comes to specific issues. What i’m  talking about though, is a thing called confirmation bias. And football fans are the biggest example of this. This article will show you how confirmation bias is fucking up your training program. Football Facts So the idea is that if you believe something: For example, that […]

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monday, plan, training

What’s your plan for Monday?

I have never met a new client who has told me that they are going to start something on a Friday. Never. Doesn’t matter what it is, diet, exercise regime, study. Whatever. It always starts on a Monday. And to be honest that makes perfect sense to me The only mistake made is that the client leaves everything until […]

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carlsberg, beer, clients, slipping up

If Carlsberg made clients

Considering how many overweight clients I have had, I’d say Carlsberg probably did make clients! But that’s not what I want to talk about. Today I’m talking about what it is that makes a good client (in my opinion). It’s nothing superficial. I’m not talking about how amazing it would be to train celebrities, or millionaire businessmen/women (although, I certainly […]

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fat, hungry, nutrition, lying, dieting, deadly

Stop Lying To Yourself

That’s it Matt, ease into the message … This topic does get on my nerves though! So I’ll start from the beginning. Four years ago I was running a bootcamp in Harrow, and it was struggling. I knew nothing about marketing, and as a result I wasn’t getting enough people to participate. I’d be lying if i said that […]

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beer, bar, pub, alcohol, local, post-beer

Post-beer nutrition

I’ve written a lot about what to eat before a workout. I have also written in this very blog on post-workout nutrition But I have never before written about the most important meal of any man’s day. Post-beer nutrition. This could be the biggest change to British post-booze habits since Just Eat began running (no I’m […]

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