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benefits of sleep, bacchus, beer n biceps

Beer N Biceps Episode 12: Benefits of Sleep

This was a momentous week for Beer N Biceps, our humble little podcast received its 1,000th download (we’re currently at 1,031) and we have had over 700 unique listeners. These numbers are NOT that impressive, but considering the completely amateurish approach we have demonstrated, and our very low goals, we are both extremely happy. Thanks […]

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benefit of decaffeinated coffee, beer n biceps

The Surprising Benefit of Decaffeinated Coffee

As you can see I’ve tried something new! It’s a piktochart discussing the surprising benefit of decaffeinated coffee. It refers to a study that was published in 2012 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition by Greenberg & Geliebter [1]. According to the study, decaffeinated coffee may be able to help people to […]

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neat, beer n biceps, hoegaarden

Beer N Biceps Episode 11: Talking about NEAT

Hello again, and welcome to our 11th episode of Beer N Biceps. I really can’t believe that we are about to hit 1,000 downloads! A pretty big achievement in my opinion (we really expected to get about 200 so this is crazy). Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and listened to us talk rubbish and […]

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frequently asked questions, beer n biceps

Beer N Biceps Episode 10: Frequently Asked Questions

Hello again, welcome to our 10th episode of Beer N Biceps – coming to you a little later than usual due to our incredibly busy schedules (I was tidying the flat so had to reschedule from Monday to Thursday, exciting!). In this episode we talk about the Great British Beer Festival that we attended on […]

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beer52, beernbiceps, why protein is king, Norwegian beers

Beer N Biceps Episode 9: Why Protein is King

Another podcast episode complete, and this time we also recorded a full-length video! At the time of writing it is taking around 10 hours to upload due to 1) it being 1 hour long, and 2) my wifi having dropped down to tortoise-like speeds over the last couple days. In this episode Todd and I […]

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myfitnesspal guide, beer n biceps, beernbiceps, kirin ichiban

Beer N Biceps Episode 8: Myfitnesspal Guide

Hi guys and welcome to another episode of beer and biceps. This is episode 8 and in it we give you a complete myfitnesspal guide. We also discuss fat burners, Kirin Ichiban beer, and our favourite beer memories. Now I am not going to spend the rest of this article giving you an in-depth guide […]

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tring brewery, side pocket, beer n biceps, beernbiceps, diet

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 7: Troubleshoot The Diet

Hello again, another episode in our Beer N Biceps podcast, it’s amazing that we’ve got this far – we’ll soon be approaching our 500th download! As we have constantly pointed out, before we started this we’d have been happy with 100 (Hell, we threw a party when we did hit 100). We want to hit […]

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life and death, doms, delayed onset muscle soreness, beer n biceps, beernbiceps, vocation brewery

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 6: Dealing with DOMS

Another episode of Beer N Biceps is up, and this time we’re talking about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – otherwise known as DOMS. This is the awful pain that you feel the day after a workout, we will be discussing what it is, why it is there, and what you can do to alleviate the […]

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training review, tusker beer, beernbiceps, beer n biceps

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 5: Training Review

Welcome back to another episode of Beer N Biceps, this week Todd and I spent time performing a training review, a look back at what we had done so far, and how it was going. We also answered some interesting questions regarding sleep, kale, abdominal exercises, and broccoli water. We reviewed a Kenyan beer called […]

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beer, beernbiceps, beer n biceps, erdinger, wheat beer, podcast, creating your perfect training plan

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 4: Creating Your Perfect Training Plan

Hello and welcome to episode 4 of the beer n biceps podcast, “Creating your perfect training plan”. Todd and I recorded this episode on Monday night – where we managed to screw up our facebook live, screw up our video recording, and screw up our initial podcast recording! It was a bit of a nightmare. […]

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