How many calories are there in a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship?

Adnams Ghost Ship: Everything You Wanted to Know

Adnams Ghost Ship is one of the most recognisable pale ales in the UK and is incredibly popular. But how many calories are there in a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship? How strong is it? Is Ghost Ship gluten-free? Or vegan? What beer is similar to Ghost Ship? Let’s find out.

There are 204 calories in a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship (568ml). It is 4.5% abv. The keg version of Adnams Ghost Ship is vegan, but the bottled version is not. Ghost Ship is not gluten-free as it is brewed with malted barley.

In this article, I will attempt to answer each of the above questions more thoroughly. I will also look at beers that are similar to Ghost Ship in case you fancy something slightly different.

How Many Calories Are There in a Pint of Adnams Ghost Ship?

There are 36 calories per 100ml in Ghost Ship, using this information I am able to give you the calorie content of a pint, a can, and a bottle. I can even give you the calorie content for one of their mini-kegs!

  • There are 204 calories in a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship (568ml)
  • There are 180 calories in a 500ml bottle of Adnams Ghost Ship
  • There are 158 calories in a 440ml can of Adnams Ghost Ship

If you have managed to drink an entire 5l keg of Ghost Ship then you will have consumed 1,800 calories. You may also want to have a word with yourself!

How Much Alcohol is There in Adnams Ghost Ship?

Adnams Ghost Ship contains 4.5% alcohol which is pretty average for an English pale ale. There is now a non-alcoholic version of Ghost Ship that is only 0.5% abv, worth checking out if you’re steering clear of alcohol.

Is Adnams Ghost Ship Gluten-Free?

Sadly not, Ghost Ship is brewed using malted barley and rye. Both of which contain gluten. The 0.5% abv version of Ghost Ship also contains barley and rye, so is also not gluten-free.

Is Adnams Ghost Ship Vegan?

If you are drinking Adnams Ghost Ship from a keg, then your beer is vegan as they do not use isinglass. However, the bottled and canned versions of Ghost Ship do use isinglass so cannot be considered vegan-friendly. If you would like to learn more about veganism and beer, check out my article on the subject. The 0.5% Ghost Ship does appear to be vegan-friendly.

What Beer is Similar to Adnams Ghost Ship?

There are many beers that are similar to Adnams Ghost Ship, which is an English Pale Ale. The most obvious choices would be Marstons EPA, Fuller’s London Pride, or Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.

There are of course the creamier versions of pale ale such as John Smith’s, Tetley’s, Boddington’s, and Worthington’s. But they are quite a bit blander than Ghost Ship, and a lot smoother. Or you could go in the opposite direction, and look for beers that are strong in flavour, Hobgoblin is a good example, as is Blacks Sheep Ale. Old Speckled Hen is another great choice.

You’ve also got English IPAs, that tend to be stronger in taste and alcohol than pale ales. Fuller’s IPA, Toasted Oak IPA from Innis & Gunn, or Greene King IPA are great choices if you like Ghost Ship.

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